Releasing Negativity From Your Home

Picture this: you walk into a house and your senses immediately respond to its “vibe” with no reasonable explanation? Are you going crazy?

No, you are tuning into the pulse of the home! Like people, houses contain energy, memories and moods. Within those four walls, we wake up, go to bed, interact with others, eat and spend much time processing our feelings and experiences. 

As humans, we are in a state of constant transition. Some shifts are subtle nudges while others seem like major life overhauls. You can be sure a house is not just a physical location. It genuinely reflects our emotional, mental and spiritual conditions.

I have recently spoken with a number of people who are in a place of grief. Some have lost at least one significant person. Others are undergoing powerful changes in intimate relationships. Typically their houses seem heavy and energy is stuck. During such challenging times, houses lack clean air and happy thoughts.

A regular clearing of the home is as essential as taking out the trash. Hitting the reset button clears existing accumulation. Once cleared, a household becomes lighter, and easily returns to its important task: to nurture, protect and comfort its residents. This week, take time to release your home’s negativity with my favorite practices.

Fill your home with natural light and fresh air.

Sunlight has a cleansing and restorative effect. It raises the vibration of the space. Fresh air gets the air moving through the house. Together, sun and air distribute joyful juju into corners, doors and hallways. The benefit is like when you drink water and the fluid circulates in places to support your body and give it energy. 

Play peaceful and uplifting music.

Sound waves create a strong response in our spaces and us. By filling up the house with high frequency music, the air moves from dull and dusty to lively and fresh. Singing out loud and with gusto also raises the roof, literally!

Phone a friend.

Your home is strong, but a buildup of family struggles can threaten harmony. It may become necessary to call in the Light of the Divine. Close your eyes and imagine a holy light flowing from the Universe flooding every inch of your beloved home.  Say these words: “ O Light of the Divine, please fill this home with your white love and light. May what is not of love be transformed into love.” Visualize sparkles stretching out in all directions. This ritual provides healing for the all it touches. 

Take it to the next level.

Once you’ve tried these techniques, does the house still feel closed or even creepy? Or do you feel so tired that you lack the energy to clear your home? It may be time for a deep level spiritual clearing. I am a certified Spiritual Clearing Facilitator and am happy to bust out negativity and bring back love, healing and wholeness to your sacred container.

Free webinar: Spring into Freedom

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