Resolutions? So yesterday …. Today = Endless Possibilities!

We start with heart-felt hope for the New Year. Resolution sounds promising. Our change list is long with ambition churning on overdrive.

And yet …

Merely two weeks into a New Year makeover campaign our resolve falls flat. The frenzy for losing weight, traveling the world, or quitting an addiction tumbles down our priority list. After all (we mutter to ourselves), we have so many other commitments, and our resolutions are probably unrealistic. Truth be told, we have made no room for sweeping changes – in our hearts, imaginations or crowded schedules. (If you really, really want to set resolutions, here’s my tip sheet!)

History chronicles human beings making New Years resolutions for 4,000 years. Ancient Babylonians promised their pagan gods they’d settle debts and return borrowed objects – under the proviso they would be rewarded in the upcoming year.

Today in modern society, we have drifted from associating resolutions with reward and positive outcome. We now misperceive resolution-making as a potential for big flop set-ups. How sad! What gives?

“Don’t resolutions rally us around our strengths and break us of bad habits? Do they not embolden confidence, plus a sense of great accomplishment?
Truth is: Inherent in the concept of resolution is its dark and dangerous side: Defeat.

When we stray from our resolutions, the negative consequences hurt our psyches. We feel let down. We lose faith we can be trusted to do right by ourselves. A downward cycle ensues. One failure begets another. Disappointment begets frustration. Frustration begets guilt. Guilt begets further blame until our beautiful and healthy desires flame-out in either one l-o-n-g, slow burn or a humongous blow-out finale of regret and self-condemnation.

Ladies and Gentlemen, may I propose: Let us together go forward and put to rest our resolutions. Today at long last, let us embrace possibilities!

Possibilities are defined thus:

  • One’s utmost power, capacity, or ability
  • Potential and prospective value

Literal translation (stated above) fails to evoke the magic of possibilities’ enormous power. It’s authentic meaning falls in the gap between words – in the invisible realm where true power resides.

Imagine – in your mind’s eye – January 1st as the starting point to tap into your “utmost power, capacity or ability.” Imagine – in your mind’s eye – January 1st as Your New Beginning to claim your “potential and prospective value.” What an amazing head start to to the year! What an amazing Light Bulb Moment you have turned on to forever change your life!

Spiritually speaking, possibilities open us to unlimited breakthroughs. Aha moments pop up everywhere. We’re flooded with divine help to integrate what we most value. Possibilities m-o-v-e us forward, and at the same time stabilize us to be present to our life story. Thanks to possibilities’ infusion, our life story now breathes, evolves and thrives.

Using the Power of Possibilities, our minds and hearts are free to play and roam. We detach from defeat and embrace the joy of re-inventing ourselves.

Possibilities are endless and free the imagination vs. Resolutions box us in and promote guilt.

Chad is done with resolutions, but craves self-growth. He is motivated to take his life to the next level. He reaches out to a wellness coach. The suggestion: It’s time to explore possibilities.

Chad by himself cares for his father with dementia, and works full-time as an auto mechanic. He spends weekends with his unpredictable and needy dad. He feels like he can’t escape the intense cycle of work and caregiving. The stress has been building for years and it’s taking a toll on Chad’s health.

Coaching teaches Chad to turn to his imagination for answers. He notices how anger towards his father blocks him from being peaceful.

Chad admits he set resolutions in the past – to meditate, to enjoy quiet time, to work on a hobby. All attempts have proved futile.

Possibilities transform vs. Resolutions keep us stuck.

With his wellness coach Chad explores the possibility of peace. He discovers his heart can to anything he asks. He learns to fill his mind with the prospect of peace. When his mind and heart fully align, Chad connects to his dream and eventually realizes it.

Possibilities inspire vs. Resolutions distract.

As Chad works on experiencing peace, he plugs into his imagination. He considers traveling with friends. During a coaching session, he writes down the pros and cons of a getaway. Though the prospect of travel makes him happy, he needs to save more money. He determines that the answer to his possibility is “not yet.” He puts a date on the calendar to check his savings account each month. He makes sure he stays excited about the possibility of travel on a regular basis. By the end of the year Chad is ready for his trip – financially and emotionally.

Believe in possibilities! Believe in yourself!

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