Should You Hang on to Your Valuables?

How many times a day do you search for your keys, phone and wallet?

When you are out and about, how often do you see posted signs that remind you to hang on to your valuables?

For most of us, our valuables are kept in a special place. Our valuables could be anything at all – a gift, a photo of a happy time or a family recipe. Whenever we enjoy these valuables, we pause, smile and are reminded of the meaning we have attached to them. If we lose something valuable, we tend to express sadness and frustration because something important is missing from our lives.          

To the rest of the world, our valuables may seem weird, distorted or even crazy. How could anyone possibly understand why our unique collection is so important?  

And then, there are times when we sense the meaning behind our valuables has shifted or diminished. What happened? Maybe you are clearing a space for a new valuable. Maybe your valuable is no longer significant. Maybe you want to be free of valuables that keep you trapped or limited in some way. Practice this imagery exercise today and listen quietly for answers.

Take a deep breath in and breathe out. Move past your senses and into the TV screen of your mind.

  • What’s on your shelf?
  • Do your valuables need dusting or is it time to give them away?
  • How do you feel when you gaze upon each valuable – content or disgusted?
  • Are you ready to remove the big valuables that take up so much room in your life like worries, disappointments and resentments?
  • Are you ready to polish and care for the small and fragile valuables like love, understanding and patience?

Slowly return to your surroundings. Write or draw any messages that came through for you.

Moving forward…

Schedule a few minutes in your morning – ideally before you start running around – and search for your valuables. What are you hanging onto right now? If this valuable isn’t useful, send it to the recycle bin. Then, commit to only hanging onto your life-boosting valuables throughout the day. Share these valuables with love. No doubt, your efforts are invaluable to you and to the world.

Schedule time with Rita to discover which valuables are essential to your life!

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