Sing Your Song!

Inspired by the sweet bird songs wafting through my early morning window, I ask myself, “What exactly is my song?” 

Springtime presents a Master Class in awakening to the music inside us. Nature’s fresh growth and renewal insistently whisper: “Awaken to the sound of the music within. Dance to the music of your soul.” And so, “What’s my song?” is the refrain our souls urge us to answer so we may live our life attuned to our unique inner calling.

Songs are comprised of a series of notes. Combining notes makes melody which has the power to fuel thoughts and emotions. When songs enter conscious awareness, they activate our imaginations and memories. Within mere seconds, music can profoundly bridge us to times, places and people. Recall your favorite song. Why do you love it? What makes the song’s title, beat or story deeply resonate?

Grab your journal. Close your eyes. Relax your mind and body. B-r-e-a-t-h-e. Picture yourself swaying to a beautiful beat you are hearing for the first time. Allow yourself to compose new words and a fresh melody. What kind of mood are you in? Enjoy the feeling! When you’re ready, open your eyes. With this song implanted in your mind, follow these steps:

Title your Music.

Does it represent a life theme, relationship or special moment? A song’s title is key and sets the stage for the words which follow.  Place the title within the song’s lyrics.

Imagine your Sound.

When you put notes together magic happens. Based on your current state of mind, is your song relaxing, upbeat or melancholy? Would you describe the style as Rock ’n Roll, Classical, Country, Chanting or something else?

Compose your Words.

Lyrics come from life events like romance, dreams, celebrations or even everyday life. They offer insight into the song’s main message. If your song is one of struggle, what type of ending will you choose? Do you find strength? Success? Peace? If it’s a chant, what words draw you inward to invigorate your spirit?

Rhythm Signals Movement.

“Rhythm is the way music moves through time,” say musicologists.  What type of flow is in your song? Is it regular, strong, simple or off beat?

Write your song exercise today knowing that tomorrow’s number will represent another snapshot in time. When you’re done composing, Sing! Dance! Shake your booty! Spring’s birdsong reminds us to live our music each day and every season of our lives.

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