Spiritually Clearing People and Homes

A Call for Help

The phone rings. Jessie is seeking information about a spiritual clearing.
She believes there is negative energy in her new rental, but doesn’t know how to make it go away. Curious to proceed, she reaches out about the spiritual clearing process.

“Since moving here, I don’t feel like myself. My energy has dipped. It’s just enough to put me off my game. I feel drained and cranky. Even though I exercise and take care of myself, I can’t shake the blues. It strangely feels as if the house is slimed – and wants to cover me in it.”

Clearing Clues

When I get a phone call or email inquiry about clearing a space, it is an offer to energetically telescope – to intuitively “view” – the state of the person and their abode. I sometimes feel negative energy in a specific room or it may encompass an entire space. In Jessie’s case the negativity showed up mostly in the attic. A prior owner had stored an object in that room which now required removal. If I ask specific questions, it’s because I’m trying to determine why the client concluded they might require a spiritual clearing. Possible questions include:

If it’s their new space, what influenced them to choose this particular home?

Who else has recently visited them (stranger, friend, family member)?

What do they “sense” in the home – a presence, a feeling, something visual?

Where do they feel the negative energy most – inside/outside/room?

Are any pets acting strangely?

How long have they felt a change in the home’s vibes? Have these vibes negatively affected their mood?

Why Clearings?

Is there a solution to Jessie’s problem of “slime” or negative energy in her space? The response is yes. Spiritual clearings facilitate a release of useless energies from people, places and pets. Here’s how:

  1. Start fresh. It may be time to put distance between someone new to a space and the stories once contained there. This is especially important if someone required caregiving for a long time in the home, recently lost a loved one or experienced a struggle with addiction. A clearing hits the house’s reset button and extinguishes existing toxic energies.
  2. Release and surrender tired energies. Yes, energy has an expiration date! Think about it: you take a shower not only to clean your body, but to shake off dust from the day’s events. You naturally and unknowingly gather negative energies (energy from other people) all day long, everywhere you go. Showers are a great way to get rid of negativity, prevent accumulation of unwanted energy and refresh internal radar. Spiritual clearings perform similar action for the home. Homes crave their own energetic rinse and spiritual restoration with a fresh and invigorated grounding.
  3. Open a space to let in loving thoughts and actions . Like people, houses are containers of energy, memories and moods. Behind four walls we wake up and go to bed, interact with others, and spend time processing feelings and experiences. If a home feels strange or unsettling, it may be time to get a professional clearing.
  4. Rightfully reclaim the space. Earth bound spirits stick around if they are attached to a home or an object within. Spiritual clearings remove earth-bound spirits, ghosts or foreign energies sensed in a space. Keeping a space clean and clear allows new occupants freedom and clarity. They become empowered after stripping left-over energies from “hanging around.”
  5. Bring intention to forgive and open the heart for healing. When a dwelling empties itself of negativity, light can assume its rightful place. Personal growth blossoms. Light always outshines darkness and confusion.

Once negative energies are cleared, hearts can respond to what needs healing. The house will accumulate light to support the release of stale unforgiving thoughts and feelings. Positive energy circulates, and occupants are lifted to a higher plane of peace and compassion.

Post-clearing Maintenance

A little bit of maintenance keeps your home clear and clean!

After a spiritual clearing ritual, I seek maintenance suggestions including invoking prayers or chanting.

  1. Enter personal spaces safely and respectfully. A house is more than a dumping ground for struggles, pain and drama. It is meant to provide a space of Peace, Love and Joy. To that end, view your home as a sacred dwelling for creativity to flourish, your spirit to lift into higher frequencies and prayers to be answered.
  2. Define what home means to you. On paper ask yourself to describe all of the ways the house serves you. For example, you may believe a house represents stability, security, blessings and comfort. Post your list where you can see your words. Remind yourself of why the house is there for you.
  3. Give away unwanted gifts. Did you receive a gift which seems to have a negative association? If you look at or hold it – does it generate Peace, Love or Joy? If you hear no answer or your body has a reaction, toss or give it away. It doesn’t belong in your space.
  4. Recharge your crystals. Many people have crystal bowls, crystal gems or crystal china. Crystals attract and absorb energies. If you long-ago purchased a crystal or leave them sitting on a shelf, they become stale or blocked over time. I place mine under the light of the full moon. If this is not possible, I fill up a spray bottle of holy water from a local church and spray them down. Set the intention that you are asking for a crystal clearing.

    You can purchase crystals which cleanse negativity: Amethyst, Kyanite, Selenite, Citrine, and Carnelian. These specific stones energetically cleanse themselves along with other nearby stones.

Moving Forward

When I speak to clients after a spiritual clearing they share reactions of relief and lightness. Jessie says she can’t explain it, but her house feels “better.” The heaviness she noticed in the past has disappeared, and she is grateful to feel like herself again.

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