Spring and Its Joyful Perks

As we collectively rise out of the ashes of winter, the landscape of spring unfolds with all its glory.

Trees, flowers and animals show off their finest clothes. The spirit of joy permeates the ground and seeds down below and swirls into the trees and bushes up high. 

Why does spring also represent a time of movement for most people?

Winter typically means a surrendering to brown landscapes, quiet and rest. We spend time pondering deeper questions and determining next steps for ourselves. However, action is slow and energy may be lacking. When spring makes its grand entrance, life is bouncy and vibrant.

Along with this great new vibe, we celebrate spring with the emotion of joy. I tend to think of joy as a big circle. Inside the circle, joy has friends named gratitude, laughter, playfulness, forgiveness and kindness.

When we find ourselves in a lasting moment of happiness, we know Joy and her friends are there.

When we feel alive and take delight in our daily adventures, you have joined Joy and her friends in the circle.

Spring and joy are identical twins. They have an easy way of drawing us into a natural place of awe and wonder. Signs of life arrive in full color. The outdoors hum with sounds of breeze, rain and chirps. Sweet smells blossom with each flowering bloom.

Welcome spring and invite joy into your space in these three sparkly ways:

  1. Entranced. Be a witness to spring’s diverse showcase. Take a drive, hike or bike to a new place. Look for signs of spring in a forest, by the water, in the desert, in the park and in the city. What sensations are you experiencing right now? Find signs of spring and post your pics and mood through photos, texts and social media. I would love to hear of your adventures – add them to this post for our community to enjoy! 
  2. Enchanted. Stand in front of a budding flower or a bird’s nest for 3 minutes. Pretend you are the flower or the egg about to burst forth into the world. Allow yourself to be swayed by the texture of and activity in and around these objects. Journal your discoveries with words or drawings.
  3. Excited. Open the door each morning and take in big gulps of fresh air. Smile your biggest smile at spring and thank her for the many gifts she openly and graciously shares with you. Grab someone’s hand and with great joy, share your spring with him or her. Next, ask them share their spring with you. The energy you exchange will surely add to the growth of spring in your spirits.

Another way of bringing joy into your world is listening to my presentation on the ABCs of JoyAt the annual I Am Worthy Luncheon, held on April 16, 11am – 2:00pm, learn how joy, not fear, helps you feel vibrant, valued and valuable. Proceeds benefit Margeau’s Free to Be Project.CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS

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