Summer Surrender

Summer is its own destination!

Summer delivers endless invitations to get out of our heads and join with with our spirits. If we answer but one of her promptings, we step into a space of magic and enchantment. Summer regenerates us to commit to Peace, Love and Joy. We feel peace gazing at a sunset. Whimsical activities such as roasting marshmallows, strolling through a lush garden or building sand castles promote lightheartedness and joyful moods. Play time with our beloveds reminds our hearts to surrender to our younger, playful natures.

Playing with light

Summer delivers light to the world. A summer sky’s rocketing radiance replaces dull, dreary thoughts with sparkly dreams. The sun invests her energy to help us shine, find delight in color, sound and taste. Splashes of her warmth weaves between our toes and into our minds. Dare we wonder that Summer invented the word “light-hearted” to keep our spirits bouncy and pumped to the max?

As we immerse ourselves in Summer’s long rays, our minds open to new and lively perspectives. We may add heat to a situation to motivate us. We may discover hope by watching the sun rise and set. We may gaze into a summer night sky and make a wish for humanity. When we unveil our summer attitude, we bask in fresh light to uncover our enlightenment!

Try this:

Catch fireflies and lightning bugs. If you need a refresher course on the art of capturing them, click here.

Listening to our voices

Summer inspires partnership with sound. Isn’t it fun to blast rock n’ roll or an 80s album from open car windows on a warm day? This sunny time beckons us to raise joyful voices. With wild abandon we echo back chants and laughter around camp fires, coffee shops and picnics.

Try this:

Grab a blanket and perch under a tree. Sing your favorite song.

Thrilling our noses

Summer breezes waft an endless smell of roses, pools, barbecues, cotton candy, rain and suntan lotion. Summer smells transport us to tender places of summers past, sweetly packaged in our hearts and minds.

Try this:

For those working behind a desk and pining for a sunny connection, essential oils create an indoor oasis that rivals the great outdoors. Create your own summer air freshener by getting a glass jar (recycle!) or vase, essential oils and colorful water beads. If you prefer a lighter scent, start with 3 drops of oil. Use the oils to lift your mood or tone it down. Mix and match one or two oils from the list below. Make two and bring it to a friend’s house to brighten up their space.

orange (abundance)

lime (gratitude)

lemon (focus)

bergamot (self-love)

lemon grass (cleansing)

peppermint (energizing)

Moving to the beat

Celebrate good times, c’mon! Our bodies can’t wait to jump into the sun’s vibes. Dance barefoot on the grass while listening to your favorite band. Get in the summer groove and move your body. Sign up for a competitive sport, hike or dare friends to a water balloon fight!

Try this:

Blow bubbles! If you need inspiration, watch this cute mash-up of children having a blast with bubbles! Click here.

Being present

Get out of the way. Let Summer warm you up by paying attention to its personality of abundance, energy and passion. Make it a season to remember. Schedule beach time. Walk along a creek. Listen to the birds. Wake up to the sun as she nudges you to spend healthy time with her.

Try this:

Look above the horizon – not down to your phone. Resist the urge to take a photo of the sunset. Close your eyes and ask your heart to fill you with the memory of this beautiful moment. Share your overflowing love with everyone far and wide.

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