Talking to the Spirit World

Say hello! 🙂

The Spirit World wants to help us grow, heal and recover from setbacks.

The Spirit World has a strong desire to connect with us living in the Physical World. Just because they don’t jump in the car or meet us at the Cheesecake Factory for lunch, they still sincerely (and literally in Spirit World) continue to see us every day.

The Spirit World is comprised of Beings who have left their physical bodies due to stress, disease or old age. Their earth bodies completed the work on Earth, and it was time to re-enter another form. They can show up in more than one place at a time since they’re not limited by a body. These light-filled beings travel in and out of form. When needed, they are able to assume the forms of an animal, a body of water, a land mass or a human.

Without a physical body, Spirits are free of the restrictions around time and space. They don’t need to run through the airport to catch a plane or speed on the highway to make it to the next appointment. They rely on flow and Universal Rhythms to call upon a specific energy to assist humans. They nudge us to slow down and to detach from the stresses that cause fear, drama and illness.

Sprits join with other Spirits to help humanity. Global shifts from the mundane to the miraculous occur in co-creativity with the Spirit World. Thanks to this special partnership we are able to:

  1. believe in the power of love, peace and joy.
  2. see past egos and into unity consciousness.
  3. circulate healing energy to repair minor wounds in the Self and release major brokenness in communities.

What do you require from the Sprit World?

  • Guidance/ReassuranceNavigating the rocky road of life can lead us down paths of loneliness, betrayal, pain and desperation. We encounter periods of suffering when thoughts and feelings overwhelm, stress and rock us to the core. When the way forward isn’t clear, the heart pursues answers beyond the practical and rational. It heads off the beaten path (pun intended) in search of light. We call out to anyone who can hear our urgent petitions. In the midst of our pleas, voices arise out of seemingly thin air. Although we may or may not decipher the source of these sounds-we feel better, assured and hopeful.We are somehow more welcoming and less intimidated by an extraordinary presence in tough times. Be certain the Spirit World loves to help us in any way they can to boost our morale, nudge us in the right direction and offer insights for gaining wisdom. Through them we transcend the egotistical, practical and typical ways of moving out of the muck that keeps us stuck.
  • Healing/Divine TimingThe diagnosis of a life-threatening illness, the death of a loved one, hurricanes and other tragedies spin us into crisis mode. Although we lean in on our tribe or community to assist us, recovery seems monumental and endless. Normally, people spend time with us during the height of crisis and then walk away when things have subsided. For those of us in the hot seat of crisis, the transition back to ordinary life contains many unanswered details.When unexplainable moments happen, we are disturbed and detoured from what we understand as normal. The fear of the unknown can relentlessly fill our minds with erratic ideas. The turning point seems nowhere in sight. The looming and overwhelming questions appear in our heads: Who’s time clock am I on? Will the veil of suffering lift? Can I survive this crisis?The Spirit World holds Divine space for us. It is capable of seeing beyond crisis. In this spiritual container, we are embraced by Enlightened Beings who care for us every minute of every day of our human existence. They are committed to transforming our entire being to stand up and find strength in whatever unstable and unshakable experiences that come our way.
  • Messages/Opening to WisdomWhen we open ourselves to Spirit, we serve as channels of love and light between the Spirit and Physical Worlds. By joining their efforts to raise awareness, create flow and step outside of ego, Spirits boost our internal tanks with lasting messages and wisdom.The Spirit World constantly delivers messages of Peace, Love and Joy straight to your imagination’s inbox. They are capable of teaching us how to practice sacred truths within this chaotic and time-based reality. When we allow our intuition to join with Spirit’s essence, we realize we have unlimited access to holiness, deep compassion and spiritual intelligence. With a willing mind and an open heart we can step more fully into the Divine version of ourselves and use human experiences to help other beings in positive ways.

What Energies Block Clear Communication with Spirit World?

When we are in states of grief, hopelessness, bitterness, hatred and hostility, the ability to sense the Spirit World seems non-existent. Because we invest time in existing in adverse circumstances, we are blinded to possibilities and hope. Eventually we experience a Divine wake up call (or two) from the Spirit World that pokes us out our “ego coma.” At that point, the Spirit World (a place without deadlines or pressures to succeed) begins the process of unblocking us. For some the trail may feel like a series of miracles and others a set of coincidences destined to create these internal shifts.

What Experiences Does the Spirit World Shield for the Human World?

  • Experiences which significantly alters one’s life path, i.e. winning lottery ticket numbers
    We are encoded with learning specific lessons in life. If the request alters or derails someone from their earth school studies, the Spirit World does not intervene. When I do an intuitive reading for someone I am able to find out what his/her life theme is and the events contributing to their lessons.
  • Experiences in which you don’t believe the dream will happen
    If we are not 100% devoted to your dream or vision, a part of us is afraid of the outcome. Unclear requests generate confusing and misaligned energy. Ask the Spirit World for a way to gain clarity so you can be heard and answered. For example a client wanted to decide which job opportunity would be the perfect fit. The guided message I shared with her: “What is your intention for your work? How does it line up with the mission of the organization? How will it contribute to your spiritual expansion?” The point of this example is the client had to pause and reflect before a clear response would be presented to her.
  • Experiences in which you seek revenge/harm/pain on another being
    We cannot look to the Spirit World to avenge another. They are 100% pure love and light and do not have the means of assisting our damaged egos to participate in such destructive acts.

Encounters with negative energies – what to do?

We may feel unexplainable sadness or frustration when we are stuck. We may be attached to unhealthy substances or feel strong, uncontrollable urges to watch pornography, gamble or shop. We may feel so empty and lost in the deep and darkest ocean and have decided life is not worth living. Beyond the clinical assessment of depression, suicidal thoughts, addiction and pain, it is possible that lower energies are around us. Empaths and intuitives are easily susceptible to negative energies. They need to pay close attention when they fall into a mysterious slump and their fears take over. Choose one or more of the following ideas to bring light into yourself or your space:

  1. Set an intention and light a candle. Say these words: “Dear Spirit World, I call upon your love and light to release any negative energies present in my life right now. I ask for your infinite wisdom to provide me with any tools or guidance to eliminate any energy that is expired and not serving my highest good or the highest good of all. I am sincerely grateful for your intervention and for your powerful efforts. Blessings.”
  2. Open imagination. Perhaps none of these suggestions feel right to you. Spend a few quiet moments and pay attention to what is being said to you. Record the message and follow instructions.
  3. Clear energy with sound. Clapping and chanting raise the vibration of a space.
  4. Smudge. Using incense or holy water opens the channel of communication between you and the Spirit World.
  5. Go outside. Hugging a tree, breathing fresh air, walking along the water shakes off negativity.
  6. Open windows to let out stale and inert energies.
  7. Contact Rita! If you’re still unsure about what to do or you just don’t want to deal with negativity, I offer remote Spiritual Clearings for individuals, pets, places and businesses.

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