The ABCs of Affirmations

And yes, at the beginning it may feel like you’re lying to yourself, but the truth is, you’re living the lie, so the affirmations get you back to truth.

— Jen Sincero, funny lady, author, worldwide speaker on all things positive

When I was knee deep in reading her best-selling book, Jen’s words about affirmation oozed off of the page and rolled into into my gut.

Here was an idea that needed to be digested and used as fuel. At that moment, my imagination headed for the forest.

How do you feel about trees?

I love them! They are ever-present teachers who encourage the world to stand tall in truth regardless of changes in seasons and weather. Do you think trees found that kind of mojo on Amazon? This kind of living takes hardcore commitment, super strength and fast recovery from setbacks. 

Well, I turned to the trees in my backyard and asked them to share their secret. Breaking news from the woods:  “Listen, Rita, we have these parts called roots that extend deep into the ground. Without roots, we would be wimpy, hungry and cold at night. Yes, indeed, roots have the yummy juice that allows us to breathe and live to 100. Your turn, Rita, do humans have roots like us?”

“Yes,” I say, “they are called affirmations. They are a group of words that feed our sense of wholeness and well-being. With affirmations, we can get through the day with the power to overcome the challenges and stressors that try to take us down. Yep, we got our own brand of juice, the kind that helps us stretch deep into ourselves and grow. Some of us drink it by the gallon and other take one sip at a time.  For sure, it is delicious when served daily, fresh and with tasty blend of love and intention.”

Thank you dear, trees, I will spread your teachings even though, my friends will think I’m nuts for talking to you!

Ok friends, do you want to write some affirmations?

Remember to say your affirmations out loud and with confidence. Start your day with an affirmation. End your day with an affirmation.

Whenever you feel stuck and out of sorts, repeat your affirmation. If affirmations are new or you believe they don’t work, take Jen’s advice: stop living the lie so your truth can shine. What are you waiting for? Let’s get your juices flowing!

I am ___________________.  

Juicy options:  happy/peaceful/rich/gorgeous

I choose _________________.  

Juicy options:  joy/possibilities/health/abundance

My life is _________________.  

Juicy options:  meaningful/exciting/full/delightful

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