The Call for Authenticity

What’s your initial reaction to this text? “Oh no, it’s my Heart again. Is it going to ask me to feel something? Why should I bother with my Heart and love? It’s so much easier being friends with my Ego. Ego is more shallow and superficial. We like to talk about chaos, stress and our latest aches and pains.”

Imagine 7 billion people on the planet getting the same text message at the same time. Imagine 7 billion people ignoring their Hearts’ text and sticking to their Egos. Yet their Divine Heart lovingly nudges them to reconsider the opportunity to spend time together.

What would a global-scale nudge look like? Let’s name this nudge COVID-19.

Humanity reads the text message over and over in hopes that the Heart will continue to take a backseat to the Ego. News and social media frequently post stories of the stress and aches and pains of the pandemic. You, see it is Ego’s job to promote chaos and sadly, we are Ego-addicts.

What if we choose love (Heart) over Ego just this once? Can we write the following message back to the Heart from a place of curiosity and humor?

Screen Shot 2020-06-14 at 11.44.02 AM.png

Although you begin reluctantly to converse with your Heart, a quiet shift begins. You’re not sure what it is but it feels good. The head noise slows down and your body relaxes. The Heart shows you stories of kindness, heroism and compassion in real-time. People are reaching out and building community.

People are helping strangers, celebrating healing and uplifting each other. You realize Heart contains the much-needed medicine for the planet’s well-being. You realize you may be hanging out with the wrong friend.

Now that you and the Heart have reconnected you sense it is time to ask a hard question. What is the spiritual point of this pandemic? Is there a big picture at work? The Heart smiles and says yes, it is time to listen to the call from Authenticity.SELF-DISCOVERY TIME

Lessons from the Heart

What is Authenticity?

“Authenticity is freedom from the illusion of fear (and ego) and alignment to the reality of love.”

Let others see their own greatness when looking in your eyes. – Mollie Marti
  1. Practice peeling off masks, residue, woundsThe Ego is expert at creating layer upon layer of imprints to keep us away from love. Ego’s temptations have hooked humanity for millennia – money, illness, power, sex, greed and the list goes on. Heeding Authenticity’s call means the person we truly are is precious, beautiful and perfect. Letting go of masks, residue and wounds bring us closer to our Authentic self. Letting go gets us closer to divine purpose. Our divine purpose is to love and be loved.
  2. Listen for a deeper messageAuthenticity’s power is to navigate us through the madness of life’s curveballs. For some the pandemic has had a minor impact on routines. For others the situation has ruptured relationships, schedules and paychecks. Authenticity cuts its wide swath to propel us beyond drama and forward toward new beginnings, new reckonings.
  3. Empower the whole self to experience breakthrough Ego loves separation. The Ego loves to tear us apart. When we lose sight of our wholeness we break down and become susceptible to expectations, limits and adversity. To embrace Authenticity permits us to live life with passion, light and presence. The Heart tenderly leads us toward Authentic unlimited breakthroughs.
  4. Cultivate a voice without agenda, fear, judgment We unknowingly (and knowingly) pay a big price for failing to be our true selves. We fall prey to opinions rather than truth. We pretend. We sabotage our dreams. We put up walls of protection. We fear what people think. We reject our innate gifts. Failing to be genuine leads to inner and outer conflict. Contrarily, Authenticity’s voice speaks of freedom, truth and alignment. Expressing our Authenticity allows the Heart to emerge and shine. An Authentic voice inspires others to use their real voice, and the result (immediately or in time) is a remarkable symphony of acceptance, clarity and possibilities.


What Authenticity is not.

“How often do we not scold or call ourselves to order? If our needs are utterly fulfilled, it may be that we remain unsatisfied. By creating additional wants or artificial wishes, we generate a cascade of new desires that outshines our search for genuine needs.

Through our loss of Authenticity, we fade away in the vapor of pathetic shallowness or vanish into the flamboyance of trivial limelight.” ― Erik Pevernagie

  1. Depend on predictabilityRumor has it that people want to return to normal. Others believe we are in the midst of creating a new normal. Truth is, there is no such thing as normal. The illusion is that we get up at the same time, do the same things, interact with the same people, go to bed and do it all over again the next day. Not true. Behind the scenes our Authentic selves patiently wait for the right moment to draw us out of the grind and awaken us to Peace, Love and Joy.
  2. Surviving one crisis after anotherIf we continue to perceive that our lives represent one big ball of unrest, our Authenticity takes a big hit and we live in a state of defeat. If we dare to step out of survival and into thriving we are in for our greatest earthly adventure.
  3. Believing bad times last forever Worries have a habit of piling on top of each other and distracting us from Authenticity. We keep searching and seeking a magic pill to relieve us of our suffering. Believe those tough moments allow us to acknowledge what is here to help us. Believe those tough moments allow us to grow and transform.Agreeing with everyone and everything reveals nothing about our genuine character and Authenticity. It tells the world I’m here to follow and will blow through life like a runaway heading nowhere. Without a home called Authenticity the running never stops. We end up feeling nothing or feeling too much – without knowing why. Authenticity invites strength, courage and integrity to show up. Through Authenticity we are motivated to trust in the highest best version of ourselves

Commit to Living Your Own Life

I am here to show up for myself and others from the Heart.

I am here to share from a place of love.

I am enough as I am.

I am honest and aligned with my truth.

I am full of smiles, kindness and compassion.

I am grateful for myself.

I am forgiving.

I am real from the inside out.

What happens when your heart tries to talk to you?


Dedicated to my dear friend DJB who inspires me to find my True North.

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