The Only F Word You Need in 2016

Happy 2016! For most people, the new year is a mixed bag of emotions.

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What part of my past do I surrender? What part of my life do I move into with great passion and excitement? Can I run errands with a smile on my face?

No doubt about it. You can get lost in a sea of questions and feel overwhelmed looking for the answers. Or, you can start your year with using the f-word. Yep, you heard me right, the f-word.


Faith is the force linking you to the Divine. Faith is the permanent post-it note in your head that says you are not alone. Faith is believing you are an amazing and free sparkle in the universe.

Faith is truly the only f-word you need in your life; the other f-words cannot compete with the energy and the meaning this word delivers to your personal inbox!

Did you know what faith stands for?  

Finding    Awesomeness    In    The    Heart

Each moment, the Divine invites you to recognize its presence in your life, relationships and in world events. You are free to accept or reject this invitation.

When you accept the invitation, your thoughts become lighter, your smiles get bigger and your sight seems to open wider. Remember, this invitation has no expiration date; you are in a space of never-ending opportunities to say yes or no.

And you know what is so incredible about these opportunities? They come with a judgment-free guarantee from the Divine – oh yeah!



You may ask yourself, what does it mean to reject the presence of the Divine? It is when we live and breathe the f-word you can do without – fear.

Fear is not your friend. It loves to bust the life force out you, others and the world. Its mighty grip is full of negative and messy consequences. If that isn’t enough, fear breaks people down, sabotages our spirits, and drops bombs of mental, emotional and physical pain without warning. Whew! 

When you are in a place of fear, you find yourself:

  • heavy in the heart and mind
  • lost and disconnected
  • guilty, impatient and jealous
  • uncomfortable being in your body
  • unappreciative of your life  

Forget the fear, stay in Faith and say yes to the Divine!

  1. Mantra: I accept the Divine in my life right now.
  2. Close your eyes and look at a troubling experience through the eyes of love. It may feel confusing the first few times you try it. Keep at it until you sense a shift in perspective.
  3. Look in the mirror for as long as you can. Imagine the sparkle switch turn on and light up your heart. Remind yourself to keep the switch in the “on” position!

Book your visit with Rita at Spa West or attend my free workshop at Avon Library New Year, New What?

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