Top 3 Spring Clearing Tips

Follow this simple 1-2-3 Spring Clearing Checklist to get

your Body, Mind and Spirit organized!

1. Bye-bye body attachments

“It’s time for a spring cleaning of your thoughts, it’s time to stop to just existing it’s time to start living.”-Steve Maraboli

The surest way to become frustrated (even upset) with our bodies is to look in the mirror. We can use short, looking-at-ourselves time to act with disgust or with kindness. It’s our call how we gaze upon this wondrous physique. With just one sincere smile, we empower ourselves.

Small offerings of body love are easy to manage. Start on a small scale to quickly learn to appreciate uniqueness, and stand tall without being overloaded with negative self-talk. Develop more confidence and skills by expanding your understanding of caring for the physical body as if caring for a best friend.

Read here for understanding the difference between spring cleaning and spring clearing.

Do this:

Smile at yourself in the mirror. Say thank you dear body.

2. Good riddance tired thoughts

We collect frustrations, disappointments and stress. Cumulative debris leads to insomnia, restlessness and mental exhaustion. We forget to let go of outdated thoughts and cram in more and more new ones. Eventually, we encounter lack of room to grow – to think – to dream.

Choosing to build an elaborate set of distorted thoughts vs choosing to clean out the internal chatterbox makes all the difference. Use a visual sponge or spray bottle to get rid of dirt pronto.

If you can’t get these thoughts to slow down or lessen, it may be time to talk to a coach or other mental health professional. It takes courage to make a call and show up at the office, but this vital self-care step care makes a world of difference between struggling and thriving.

Do this:

Write down a thought that needs to be tossed in the trash. Rip up the paper in tiny pieces. Flush the paper and say bye-be as it twirls down the toilet.

3. Bye-bye ego stains

Reliance on ego – without invoking Spirit – goes hand in hand with loss of purpose, spiritual breakdown and emptiness. When ego dominates our heads, internal stain takes over and distracts us from compassion, patience and understanding. Our greedy ego does anything and everything to block our spirit from shining. We must commit to imagining Peace, Love and Joy as access points to Divine light.

Make it a goal to spend one minute with Peace, Love and Joy every day. Immediately wipe up any stains that prevent you from staying in this state. Don’t feel guilty about getting rid of any of these ego blemishes which hold you hostage and add to your suffering. These brief contacts with spirit can help us achieve our dreams and sing the song of our souls. Ultimately, the dedication to our spirit rewards us with freedom to breathe fully and lift humanity into the light.

Do this:

Light a candle and bless yourself. Ask that Peace, Love and Joy guide and inspire your life.

There’s nothing like waking up – or going to bed – with a clear body, mind and spirit. Apply these Spring tips to remind you to appreciate Joy from the inside out. Invest wisely using an open mind and a willing heart. The return will yield the ability to breathe with fresh air, see with clarity and experience contentment.

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