Wake Up, Sleepy Head!

As a Wellness Coach, it is truly an honor to work with individuals who seek a way out of struggle, believe that life is more than fear and discover reminders of their greatness.

So far, the start of the year is bringing up a lot of discomfort in my clients. These tireless seekers are receiving strong signals to stretch, move and grow outside of their comfort zone.

Willing to take the challenge to change, they step up and show up. They realize the work is not easy but incredibly enriching. They look beyond the temporary hurdles so they can benefit from the long-term rewards of living with freedom and joy.

Common FAQs in times of change:

  • Is there something in the water?
    No, it’s not in the water.
  • Is there something in the air? Will I catch it?
    No, it’s not in the air and you can’t catch it.
  • Why is this stirring happening to them and not me?
    It’s because they are waking up.

These individuals can no longer sleepwalk through life. Let me explain.

You know what it’s like to wake up in the morning… your eyes are blurry, movements are slow and thoughts start cruising along the mental highway. Before you get out of bed, you let out a big sigh and hope the day is a good one.

For months, even years, you live your days and nights the same way. Although you appreciate the simplicity of your routine, deep inside you feel empty. Do you know what this means? It is one of many signals of “sleeping through life.”

You know you’re sleepwalking, when:

  • You toss feelings of guilt, anger and stress into a junk pile and ignore it. The pile gets deeper and heavier.
  • You try to throw your piles of junk onto someone else and your approach is an epic failure.
  • You choose familiarity (control) over something different (joy).
  • You think it’s easier to suffer, judge and torment yourself (darkness), so you put on sunglasses to push out the light.
  • Your vision is limited and confined to your routines. You will do anything to stay in control of this make-believe arrangement.

Then one day, you get a knock on the door. On the other side, you see a sign that says “WAKE UP, SLEEPY HEAD.” Quickly, you close the door shut. It’s so bright in there that you may even lock it up for a spell. Then the knock returns to your awareness. It is gentle at first and then it becomes louder and louder. The invitation to open the door is strong. Now what?? Here are your three choices:

  • You ignore the sounds and don’t wake up. Ever.
  • You take a quick peek inside; if you feel overwhelmed, the door closes again.
  • You are curious and crack open the door. With courage and curiosity, you cross the threshold and leave the door ajar.

Let’s say you crack open the door and cross the threshold… 

Slowly, you remove the sunglasses and take a good look around you. Yes, it will feel like someone turned on the overhead lights when you are in a deep sleep. It is such an pleasant moment, right?! After a few minutes, your eyes adjust to your surroundings. Your vision gets clearer and your confidence starts to grow. Even the air your breathe is different as it feeds – not suffocates – you.

Over time, you begin to crave a different state of being; one that makes you excited, not drained. You fully embrace the idea that once you wake up, you cannot go back to sleep. There is no turning back and you have no doubt you are heading in the right direction.

Friends, I invite you to walk on the other side of the door. No doubt, the world is an endless place of opportunity and inspiration to support your changes. There is plenty of fuel to keep you open, strong and bright. In rough moments when you think it is better to go back to your old ways, reach out for help. Know that I believe in you and your greatness.

If you need a cheerleader on the road to happiness, contact me!

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