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In modern times, you need access to every skill and gift in your wellness toolbox. What’s inside your toolbox? Plenty! For starters, your energy consists of Peace, Love, and Joy. Sometimes, in our lives, we lose sight of and forget to prioritize ourselves. You settled for what seemed more “reasonable” and “practical,” and the years flew by. Perhaps taking care of others became your priority, and your needs took a back seat.

When a person encounters a personal crisis, it may unfold physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually. It is time to find help conquering stress and trusting one’s inner voice. A compassionate professional who offers a safe, confidential, and loving approach to healing makes all the difference.

  • developing intuition
  • trusting yourself
  • gaining confidence
  • empowering your heart
  • forgiving yourself and others
  • connecting with angels
  • managing stress and anxiety
  • dealing with uncertainty
  • surviving chronic illness
  • balancing life priorities
  • conquering change
  • knowing why you belong here
  • adjusting to physical/mental challenges
  • moving through grief
  • finding courage
  • thriving in today’s fast-changing world

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How do I prepare for Wellness Coaching?

An essential component of the coaching process is your excitement and energy to transform into a bigger and brighter version of yourself. Focus on bringing a willing mind and an open heart to maximize your experience.

After a session, you are offered the opportunity to build upon the momentum of increasing well-being through custom assignments. These assignments help you further integrate the coaching sessions into everyday life.

Wellness coaching is a path that leads you back to you, your essence and your sense of purpose in the world.

Your connection with life becomes more present, vibrant, and harmonious when you believe in yourself. You receive tools to enhance your daily activities and your ability to share your magnificent self with the world.

Your sessions may include setting goals and taking action to realize your dreams. As you move toward your brightest possible future, you will blossom and find joy in being alive.

The heart of wellness coaching is tuning into your inner self, embracing your magnificence, and bringing your spirit fully into being.

Rita incorporates hands-on energy work (like Reiki), aromatherapy, and sound into coaching sessions when guided.

The initial coaching session lasts 90 minutes, while subsequent sessions last 60 minutes. Individual motivation and goals determine session frequency.

My passion is your well-being.

Award-winning Guidance

After 25 years as a social worker, writer, and teacher, I entered the coaching field to help people like you create a life they love by inspiring Peace, Love, and Joy. Wellness Coaching combines years of academic training, unique certifications, spiritual insights, and work-life experiences.
The partnership we create solely focuses on two key aspects: an open mind and a willing heart.
When the mind and heart are engaged, the doors open to possibilities, freedom, and release.
I know how difficult it is to let go of unhealthy patterns and past relationships and thrive in life. I aim to offer you tools and techniques to integrate new knowledge, boost your energy, and create a successful impact in your world.
Instead of lasting happiness, we fall into drama, confusion, and struggle. We crave clarification about who we are and what we are made of. We may even experience illness, addiction, and pain. Energy work helps us return to the natural intelligence inside our minds and hearts and unlocks the wellness toolbox to your purpose, potential, and more.
Beyond talking through the stories and unresolved emotions that hold you back, I incorporate energy work to facilitate the breakdown of built-up negativity to supercharge breakthroughs and initiate inner transformation.
What is energy work? It is a connection to your higher vibrations. I can tune into the fastest path to the right frequency, balance energy, and awaken your spirit.
Over the years, I’ve been fortunate to study with spiritual teachers and religious leaders who strongly believe that energy is the key to creating well-being in the whole person – emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually. Beyond these powerful learning experiences, I have read hundreds of self-help books, acquired Level 2 Reiki certification, completed the LifeForce Energy Healing Courses 1-4, and attended multiple trainings.
Today, I use my brand of energy work that blends all of these teachings.
I have earned the title of Best Life Coaches in Cleveland from This website finds, verifies, and reviews the top service professionals in over 200 industries across the U.S. Each month, researches more than 60,000 businesses to help customers find the best-qualified professional for their needs. The designation of Best Life Coaches in Cleveland involves criteria including availability, qualifications, reputation, experience, and professionalism.

Coaching Disclaimer

As a Wellness Coach

  1. I do not diagnose nor offer mental health care or medical care. Services are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure mental health or medical conditions.
  2.  I am not acting as a mental health counselor or a medical professional.
  3.  Although I am a licensed provider, I am not providing therapy, mental health services, or health care services;
  4.  Although I am not providing mental health services, I am still obligated to follow the laws and rules of my state licensing board;
  5.  Although I will honor the client’s confidentiality to the extent allowed by law, coaching clients may not be afforded the same legal rights to confidentiality as therapy clients.

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