What does loneliness look like on the energy level?

The world of loneliness is not real.

It appears that loneliness is part of our built-in human system. From the energy perspective, however, loneliness represents another tactic the ego employs to limit our experience of Peace, Love and Joy. Some of us get through the day without the shadow of loneliness hovering over our shoulder. Others accept loneliness as a part of their existence.

Our memories, emotions and experiences are energetic attachments. Since her grandmother’s passing a year ago, Fatima experiences profound sadness. The memory of her grandmother’s cooking stirs a deep missing in her heart.

Jacob’s cancer diagnosis has catapulted Jacob to isolate himself from the “normal world” because it’s too painful to be part of it. He feels as though people around him are moving on with their lives while he’s haunted by illness.

Tyler can’t put his finger on it, but he feels lonely in his partnership with Thomas. He is convinced he is the problem because he sees himself as boring, and perceives their relationship as lacking excitement.

Alone vs. Lonely: two energy states

Being alone embraces moments or even a lifestyle of solitude. There are times when we need to unplug from the noise around us to reset our internal system. Alone aligns with the energy of contentment and steadiness. It is a commitment to enjoy and discover oneself without the fear of quiet and disconnect from the world. Solitude generates fuel and is restorative in nature.

Loneliness, on the other hand, implies that emptiness and lack of belonging dominate the self. Feelings of desperation, being unwanted and unworthy and experiencing agony are hallmark energies of loneliness. For those of us who are lonely, we are exhausted and the energy inside us seems flat and without spark. Loneliness generates no energy or negative energy.

Where does loneliness circulate in the energy body?

Chakras are wheels of light. Chakra 1 is red and the numbers go up with each color.

The energy body consists of chakras. Chakras translate from Sanskrit into “wheels of light.” Although chakras are connected, each individual chakra corresponds to its own theme, number, sound, symbol and other unique individual characteristics. The chakras reflect whatever we are experiencing in the moment. For example, if we are peaceful, our chakras are open, rotating in a clockwise position and full of light. If we are angry, our chakras are closed, rotating counterclockwise and blocked from light.

If we introduce loneliness to the chakras, each one experiences it based on its theme. Here is a basic breakdown of the energy of solitude versus loneliness:

Chart: Chakras in states of solitude and loneliness

Healing loneliness is possible.

Our goal is to move through loneliness and restore our chakras by choosing solitude. Tap into energy sources to replace the maze of memories, emotions and experiences. With a willing mind and an open heart, we can empower ourselves to transform loneliness into compassion and contentment.

Once Fatima checks in with her chakras, she notices her heart feels heaviest. She initiates the healing process by observing how much hurt she has stored, and asks her heart to open up once again.

Jacob focuses his efforts on his first chakra because his pain is a perceived loss of his family tribe and a disconnect with the world. He sits under a tree and connects to the ground to find strength. Looking at the statement in the green column he imagines himself in a feeling of belonging and says the words out loud. At first he feels silly doing the exercise, but he gradually gains confidence and looks forward to his tree time.

Reviewing the chart, Tyler clearly sees his second chakra is suffering. He has been expecting Thomas to be his everything and to take away his loneliness. Tyler practices the statement and begins to trust his gut when he needs something. His emotional outbursts have slowed down a lot and he schedules time to be alone and reduce the chance of sabotaging his efforts. He is committed to a life of joy instead of despair.


  1. Start with Chakra 1 and say the statement in the green column out loud and with confidence.
  2. When you’re ready to move on to Chakra 2, say the corresponding statement in the green column out loud and with confidence.
  3. Repeat the sequence until you get to Chakra 7.
  4. When you have spoken to all seven chakras, sit quietly in a state of gratitude. Believe in your ability to ease out of loneliness and into solitude.
  5. Practice these statements every day
  6. Options:Sit under a tree and do this exercise.Sit in a holy place like a church, synagogue or mosque while doing this exercise.Do the exercise upon awakening and upon sleeping.Target the chakra that hurts the most as your starting point.

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