What is a Fall Spiritual Clearing?

In the four seasons Midwest, Summer days are treasured and squirreled away in preparation for coloring leaves and cooler temperatures. Fall represents a time to contemplate those carefree days and slowly turn inward.

Fall offers us opportunities to dig out the roots of old stories and turn over the soil for its final rest and release.

In the energy world Fall is a time to harvest seeds planted in Spring. These seeds may take the form of a new idea, commitment or relationship. For me the Spring experience revolved around a budding friendship.

This spring I started a friendship with “Cindy,” a smart, passionate and talented person. As our conversations deepened, I found the bond exciting and positive. We both looked forward to a relationship of growth and inspired sharing. The seed of friendship eased its way into Summer, but an unfortunate miscommunication rose to the surface. We mutually agreed to part ways. 

As I reflect on my Spring seedling named friendship, I know I gave it plenty of love, water and sunshine to sprout. Time passed and the seed nudged skyward, but lost momentum. A hungry bug couldn’t resist the taste of its green leaves and it soon died. Fall gives me the opportunity to dig out the roots of this story and turn over the soil for its final rest and release.

Take advantage of Fall to gather your lessons from Spring and Summer in these four ways. 

1. Meet up with a friend under a tree for a fall catch up. Use these questions to guide your conversation.

  • What seed did I plant this spring? (idea/commitment/relationship)
  • In what ways did I fertilize my seedling?
  • Did my seedling grow or whither over time?
  • What perspective did I gain about this idea/commitment/relationship

2. Build a Fall altar. 

Enjoy the bounty of hard work from Spring and Summer. Collect a few pieces symbolizing your Spring planting such as words, magazine cutouts, objects or photos. Add one or two more items and ramp up your efforts to help the new plant thrive through unpredictable weather shifts. A small plant or dried herbs are good reminders of what you want to keep alive. Place them on an empty table where you can celebrate your harvest each day.

3. Rest and breathe.

Besides the bonus of more sunlight, changing back the clock in Fall signals our bodies to take it easy. Our sleeping/waking routines adjust accordingly. Go to bed early. Sneak in a short nap. Sit in silence. Nourish yourself with fresh air and comfort foods. Resist over-scheduling your weekends. Invite your imagination to soak in the emerging rainbow of riveting colors.

4. Surrender to the season.

Fall is a great show of colors, smells and sounds. Ever-changing trees capture our attention as they take center stage. Vibrant hues color breathtaking landscapes. The earthy scent of leaves and pine lingers in the air.  We walk past a tree, and out of nowhere an acorn falls fast to the ground. Or we drag our feet through leaves to listen to them crunch. Do you have a favorite tree? Go and visit your special tree once a week and bear witness to her transformation. Want more tips? 5 Fall Spiritual Practices

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