What is a Holiday Intention?


Take charge of the holiday season by creating a theme that helps you grow and glow!

November seems to kickoff the season of grabbing our attention (and pocketbooks) in the name of being thoughtful, looking festive, and indulging our sweetooth.

Why not use holiday momentum started by retailers to cultivate our own brand of holiday spirit? Let’s  dedicate December as a time of reflection and create mindful moments. Take these 4 steps to lead you towards a richer and more memorable season:

  1. What’s your holiday theme? Imagine yourself in the future. It is December 31, 2017. What is the one thing you took away from the 2017 holiday season? Joyful? Peaceful? Open? Strong? Did you do anything for the first time … or the last? Choose a theme designed to fuel you away from stress, keep you grounded, and prevent you from getting drawn into holiday drama. After giving it some thought, my 2017 holiday theme is JOY. Joy helps me see the world with an open heart and a playful spirit. I hope to find joy in the simple acts of a hug or warm hello from a stranger.  
  2. How to awaken this theme?  Pick a special word or visualize an image. Post it on your phone or fridge. Tell a friend. Change your social media banner by adding your word or image for the world to see. Post quotes or notes on social media to boost its power. It’s up to you to make sure your theme is breathing and alive. Give it attention every day.  A joyful photo of my daughter and me is now a beloved phone screenshot. The calendar includes plans with family and friends to promote mutual joy and happiness. I can’t wait!
  3. Are you committed? Check-in with yourself a few times a day. Are you feeling the energy of your theme around you? Are you inspiring this energy in others? If you feel more positive, then you’re on the right track. If you’re stuck, consider choosing another theme or find a way to push through the tension. In my greeting card collection I discovered a card with the photo of the sun dipping into the water. At the bottom of the picture there is a quote that says, “Joy arrives in every shade of blue.” It sits on my desk to remind me that joy is sometimes silent and tucked inside seemingly hopeless times. It reminds me that regardless of a story’s interpretation – joy is always present.
  4. How to build more motion around your theme? Set up a space and create a ritual around your theme. Once a week (or more) sit in a quiet place. Hold an object symbolizing your holiday theme. Light a candle and illuminate your true intentions. Think about all the ways you practiced, and notice this theme circulating in and around you. Awareness creates momentum in the direction of your desires.

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