What is Joy?

When I searched the Internet for answers to the question “What is Joy?” all kinds of links popped up, mostly with Biblical interpretations of the word. With all due respect to those who are religious, joy cannot be contained in a house of worship or limited to the Bible. Joy is an energy that fills stadiums, blasts open hearts and makes the spirit jump up and down. The experience of joy can airlift any human being into a profound place of miracles and Divine Love.

“Joy is the most magnetic force in the universe.” -Danielle LaPorte

However, it must be acknowledged that if the Bible gave so much credence, respect and space to joy – surely joy was at the forefront of many of our spiritual ancestor’s minds and hearts. The fact that it appears mostly in religious connotation signifies perhaps, that in today’s world it suffers from our supreme neglect.

To wrap our minds around this topic let’s answer some basic questions about joy.

Can we purchase joy?

No. Joy is not for sale. It is not a product sitting on a shelf at Target, or dangling from a pedestal in a fancy shop on Rodeo Drive. Why? Because joy already lives in what I call our Spiritual Warehouse. If we investigate this awesome inner space, we will discover that Joy ranks among the three most valuable gifts in our warehouse display case: Peace, Love and Joy.

The key to our display case is always in the same place. The key is not lost or hidden from sight. We know exactly where it is, but sometimes lose our way of how to get to it. For some of us, it is found on the bottom of an over-stocked pile of junk called anger, anxiety and sadness. If we reach down and grab the key we can’t seem to hold on for very long. After a while we give up and forget what we are looking. The search for the key will have to wait.

Why don’t we seek to recognize joy on people’s faces?

Who doesn’t love a great bargain? Instead of joy on our faces, we seem to prefer the hunt for deals or the latest gadget. In the spiritual warehouse we are drawn to shiny objects that make our lives easier. We want a temporary break from our ever-growing overstock pile. Once batteries run out we get itchy for another excitement jolt. Or we continue to peak around the spiritual warehouse for more temporary and useless fixes. 

The key to the display case is always in the same place. Getting rid of your overstock pile doesn’t have to be a solo effort. Plenty of clearing help is available: through friends, coaches, co-workers, therapists and more. These beloved helpers hold their key close to the heart, and with love encourage you to hold onto your key. 

Do we need a VIP pass to access it?

Yes. The best news is we already have the pass which stands for “Very Important Practice.” Once the key is in your hands don’t let it go! Take it out of the display case, clean it up and take it with you at all times. Don’t let it go! Practicing joy is your pass to freedom and a constant flow of possibilities. Read: How to practice your beliefs.

According to Webster’s, joy is a “feeling of great pleasure and happiness.” Spiritually speaking, joy is the universal expression of true bliss and bonds us to all beings in tremendous ways. Joy is the inspiring experience of the Divine on earth. What’s great about the practice of joy is that there are a million and one options to explore and enjoy anywhere, anytime with anyone.

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