What Is Love?

If you posed this question to family and friends, can you guess their replies? If you listen closely, their answers will likely piece together a universal explanation of this powerful and meaningful word.

“Love is what I feel when I’m with you.”

How did you come up with your definition of love? Who helped you along the way?

Before we take our very first breath on Earth we feel love coming from a source outside ourselves. This love feels safe, natural and real. I recall the times when I laid hands on my pregnant belly, closed my eyes and channeled love to my baby girl. In the early months after her arrival, I witnessed the energy of love nurturing her physical growth beyond the daily small doses of milk.

Fast forward 18 years:  My family’s definition of love-in-action has evolved beyond daily chores and responsibilities to enjoying each other’s company by spending time together traveling.  Travel allows us a light-hearted way to explore our bond through shared experiences. We get off the grid and take advantage of just being together, bypassing day-to-day distractions.

“Love is beautiful, true and sincere.”

Do you remember falling in love with a person, pet or nature for the first time? Something inside of us cracks open, our eyes get bright and we forget who we were before we had the encounter. We wrap our hearts and arms around this moment and walk away full of wonder and joy. Love taps into the most amazing and light-filled parts of us. We believe love’s energy is undeniable, freeing and long-lasting.

“Love is opening my eyes every morning.”

For those of us seeking Divine connection we believe that our God-self is made up of love, peace and joy. We cultivate practices such as prayer, fitness, volunteering and playtime that bring out our God-selves. We learn how to remove the grip of the ego and its constant attempts to block us from love, peace and joy. We believe love will help us move past judgments, insecurities and defenses. Read about Love and Angels.

“Love is unconditional caring for another being.”

Love weaves an incredible tapestry of stories to inspire us, give us hope and promote togetherness as a world community. Love serves as a life teacher for each and every human. There is a strong innate calling to seek and exchange love and to be a loving person. The awesome part is witnessing how love shows up, whether it’s tending a garden, caring for someone sick, tending to animals, giving a hug or singing for a crowd. We believe love is glorious, infinite and enduring.

“Love is taking care of myself.”

Perhaps loving oneself is one of life’s biggest challenges. Why? Because we fear our greatness and divine perfection, thus undermining our value. Because we imagine that spending money, being thin, having  relationships and looking good is going to make us loving individuals. Because we don’t have a sense of purpose or genuine belief we belong here. Because loving ourselves is a selfish act. Heart Opening Meditations CD

Instead of wallowing in why we don’t or can’t love ourselves, it is time to accept love is inside us at all times. It is not only meant to be shared, but to be used as fuel to help us become the finest version of ourselves. When we see love in the eyes of another we desire to offer the same gift. 

Isn’t it time for all humans to sing and believe in the simple words sung by Whitney Houston in “The Greatest Love of All”:

Because the greatest love of all
Is happening to me
I found the greatest love of all
Inside of me
The greatest love of all
Is easy to achieve
Learning to love yourself
It is the greatest love of all

Love is instantaneous as well a seed needing sun and water to grow. Who doesn’t love those glorious surges when love unexpectedly walks in the door? Love sweeps us off our feet and sets our hearts in wild emotion. We don’t care if we ever hit the floor again because love feels so awesome. 

Later we realize that these heart-changing moments are actually new opportunities for growing something special. We nurture this new-found love so as to cultivate deep roots, ensuring its viability and strength. During this journey, two independent definitions of love merge into one. Love then can be interpreted in a refreshing and lasting way. 

Would you like to know my five secrets for knowing what is love? Know what love is not. Love is not:

  1. Loving someone who does not witness your brilliance, celebrate your presence and enjoying you for you.
  2. Being in a one-sided relationship that makes you feel empty, worthless and lonely.
  3. Loving someone from a place of desperation, winning arguments and pushing personal agendas.
  4. Loving someone so you can avoid dealing with your life challenges.
  5. Loving someone means a practice of understanding, harmony and kindness.

Are you ready to work on your definition of love?

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