What is Your 2018 Blessing?

Blessings are the gateway to spiritual love, from giving them in times of joy to receiving them in times of suffering. Think of all the blessings people have offered us since birth. Think of all the blessings you have said for others since you learned its meaning. Who doesn’t love the idea of surrendering to the Divine to shine light on this moment or this person? Click here to read about famous and timeless teachers who have blessed us.

Blessings are the gateway to spiritual love, from giving them in times of joy to receiving them in times of suffering.

When we are experiencing deep relief or witnessing awesomeness the thought of being blessed engages our delightful souls. We’ve scanned the situation at hand and it seems natural to find a blessing at the start or end of it. It can look like the quiet period or the playful exclamation point at the end of a sentence.

Blessings are a gift. Gifts are meant for sharing. If you’re in a state of blessing you’re probably opening yourself to seeing the bigger picture. We are connected to Divine Flow. We are one Spirit. In this moment we are free from the grips of the ego and in tune with our spiritual nature.

Blessings do not mean bragging rights. Often we hear people say “I am so blessed” when we ask how they’re doing or pay them a compliment. What’s the first reaction that pops into your mind when these words are said in this context? Possible interpretations include:

  • God gives others special graces the rest of us don’t have.
  • God rewards only some people.
  • God handles hundreds of problems a day – mine didn’t make the list.

We need to think more carefully if this is our go-to response. The ego loves to trick us into believing that blessings are reserved for the deserving. Instead of using this holy word in this context, better substitutes may be feeling lucky, grateful or fortunate.

Blessings bring about humility and compassion. In the presence of the Divine we experience something beyond the basic level of respect. We tap into a higher respect level known as reverence. Reverence looks like times when we hold someone’s hand as they are dying or look at an amazing piece of art. We are touched beyond words and step into the surreal. Blessings are an extension of this energy of reverence. We become still, our hearts open wide, and we realize we are standing on higher ground.

Blessings offer great short and long term benefits. At the time a blessing is said the givers and receivers slow down, bow heads and patiently wait for its conclusion. Once heads rise up again, smiles stretch across our faces and we feel lit up. After this immediate exchange of Divine energy blessings linger in and all around us. They claim a spot inside us and stay there forever. No doubt blessings surround us and fill us with strength and perspective when we’re down and out.

2018 is the Year of Blessings. Is it time to cultivate a life of blessings? The energy of blessings can stretch far beyond our four walls or close family members. Spread your blessings across continents, weather devastations and animals. Cover your blessings on what you don’t understand about the world. Believe in transformation through blessings.

By using this simple formula blessings can be a game-changing life practice. Try this exercise on your own or enjoy this exercise with your beloveds.

  • Create a journal of blessings. Spend time holding the journal and filling it with your love.
  • Light a candle. Close your eyes. Imagine a person, cause or a story you’d like to bless. When you have the visual set in place open your eyes.
  • With humility and reverence write down your blessing. Three to five sentences are plenty. Write from a place of strength not desperation. Always end with the same line. For example:

I bless this beautiful Earth with love and light. I bless her as an incredible source of healing and strength for all beings. I bless the gifts she gives without condition. The Divine is here now. Join me in this blessing. Amen.

Blessings touch us in tough times. Is someone you know managing a chronic illness or mental illness? Managing medical appointments, physical setbacks, emotional blocks and spiritual suffering are common tests of living with a chronic illness. Create a blessing book for them. Write instructions for how to record the blessing. Circulate it among family, friends and prayer groups. Deliver it to your loved one with a candle. Either read it aloud or leave it there for this person to read on their own.

My 2018 Blessing For You

I bless each and every Being on Earth. I bless them with peace to take away doubt, joy to take away hatred and hope to take away desperation. I bless each being as a source of inspiration and healing. The Divine is here now and joining me in this blessing. Amen.

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