Why Your Body, Mind, and Spiritual Space Are Begging You to Smudge with Sage

When negative or stagnant energy accumulates, everything about your physical and emotional health can be affected and become distressed. 

Clearing out stale energy is essential for a clean, balanced space and positive peace of mind. Regular smudging, or cleansing with the smoke of beneficial herbs, helps rejuvenate your body, your surroundings, and even your possessions in a form of deep spiritual house cleaning. Whenever I meet clients for the first time, I tune into their personal energy along with the energy of their pets, home and car. Most often, these beloved possessions are “carriers” of the negative energy connected to the person.

How does it work?

Native American healers have used dried white sage and other sacred herbs to clear out negative energy for 2000 years, allowing the smoke to carry away conflict, illness, and other adversities to improve health and intuition.

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A longstanding tradition, smudging is also backed by science. Research has shown that burning these dried herbs actually releases negative ions into the air. When in motion, these oxygen atoms carry an extra electron that are naturally created by sunlight, air, and water. They attach themselves to airborne toxins such as mold, bacteria, viruses, and even pollen and remove them from the air to reduce stress levels and boost good feelings. This is why beaches or thunderstorms rejuvenate us and allow us to absorb the open and breathable air.

Sage is best kept in a dry, clean space. Native Americans believe that keeping their sage and other herbs in a drawer or on a shelf above the waist helps maintain the plant’s purification properties, honoring the energy it offers and increasing its cleansing power. 

Although regular smudging is a valuable practice on your own, there are times when a professional clearing can release old and worn out energies. Check your ABCs and schedule a clearing today if you feel:

  • Less Awake and more Absent
  • Less Blissful and more Broken
  • Less Content and more Confused

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