Yes, It’s Angel Season!

Yay, it is angel season! As I shop for holiday gifts, I love gazing at shelves with angels. I find myself picking up angel greeting cards, statues and artwork to appreciate their various forms.

There are traditional images standing side by side with more loose interpretations of these divine beings. Once again, I am instantly dazzled and inspired by their beautiful presence.  

Whenever I purchase an angel as a gift, it feels like I’m sending a special friend to be with loved ones. I ask the angels to bless and care for this wonderful person. After all, I didn’t select a toy car or a sweater!

How do you spend time with angels? I invite you to hold an angel statue in your hand or look at a picture of an angel for a few minutes. Close your eyes. What do you sense? see? feel? In most cases, you will feel calmness; one of many positive signs that  angels are here.

For this post, I received this angel-guided message for you:

“Beloveds, remember that love is the sacred bridge to you, others and Spirit. We bless your prayers and stories. Call upon us for guidance and wisdom to support your day-to-day decisions. When you are faced with a choice, use love as your compass.  In all circumstances, love is the holy answer that will soften, heal and lead you. Be assured that we will cover you with songs to lighten your moments.”

Are you willing to join us in reaching higher levels of love and peace to your world?   Trust in us, and together, let’s spread light, happiness and serenity to all beings. Be kind. Be warm. Be open.

Trust in us to show you the way to the Divine. Together, let us find a way to spread light, joy and serenity to all beings.  Share your kindness, warmth and openness.   

Know that we delight in you and consider it a great honor to be with you. We love you, dear treasures of the Divine!

Talking about angels… take a peak at my Angel-Guided Cards with messages of love and hope. 

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