Yes vs. No: Who Wins the Competition?

Yikes! As I looked at the work calendar, my heart skipped a beat.

Fifteen scheduled workshops/programs are scheduled between now and March 2017! 

“What about my other commitments? Is there any playtime?”

My head spins.

Instead of taking deep breaths to calm myself, I voluntarily slip toward high altitude anxiety. Thus, I sabotage my emotional equilibrium.

It’s way past time to take corrective action. I now head for the computer to create a spreadsheet, which will allow me to take control of a situation I’ve allowed to hijack my energy and emotions.

What does your YES schedule look like? 

Yes Man starring Jim Carrey (2008)

Have you seen the romance/comedy starring Jim Carrey called Yes ManCarrey wants to bust out of his rut. He takes advantage of a life-changing seminar leading him to say “yes” to anything and everything.

Although the movie is an extreme portrayal of positive thinking, I now better understand the importance of knowing that the ‘Yes button’ has an off switch. Life is infinitely more interesting when you’re open-minded and willing to take on new adventures.

There comes a time when balance and living in the moment means turning the other way. Whenever I whine about the fullness of my days, my family loves to ask me this question. “Who organizes your calendar?” Ouch! Did you feel that answer hit you on the head? It gets me every time!

What does your NO schedule look like?

Wouldn’t you love to create a calendar that says “No?” Try this, scan your schedule for blank days. Write the word NO on the day and list specific activities that will not take place on that day. Let your focus shift to a peaceful place.

Some examples: NO computer. NO Facebook. NO drama. NO pain. Get my drift? You know how it goes, if it is on the calendar, there is an increased chance that you will stick to it. Just say NO!

You need to feel happy about your YES and NO schedules.

Both lineups deserve your time and attention. Don’t tiptoe around your dates. Look them straight in the face and get clear about surrounding yourself with meaningful undertakings. The world seems to generate plenty of ways to hold you hostage to urgent help messages, useless meetings and pleasing others at your expense. 

If you find yourself out of balance when ‘Yes’ is winning the competition, remember this: you can still say NO! Reschedule or cancel your date if you need to slow down and gather energy. Practice solid moments of self-care and self-love with joy.

If you are unable to commit to someone or something with a happy heart, don’t bother. A half-hearted attempt builds regret and resentment. No, thank you!

Mantra: “I listen to both the yes and no to stay in the flow.”

If you need assistance determining your “yes” and “no” decisions, contact me – I’d love to help you!

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