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Flow is the natural state of being. It is the continuous expansion and contraction of the body, breath, and heart.

My teaching is inspired by moving with the wise rhythm of the inner body and softening into its strength. Classes consist of gentle movement into stillness or an intense movement rooted in power and presence.

When you’re on the mat, invite yourself to be curious and elevate your body’s natural intelligence.

What seemed like a lifetime ago, a friend introduced me to yoga and how it may address my lower back pain. She suggested I start with chair yoga. My first studio wasn’t a traditional space pumping chant music and people dressed up in fancy tights and tops. It was a local senior center with students aged 40-90 wearing casual clothes. In class, the teacher skillfully set up poses for people in wheelchairs and on mats. I liked attending classes and soon was ready for a new challenge.

At some point, I mentioned my need to explore other forms of yoga with a friend from high school. She went on and on about a local studio and suggested we go to a beginner-level class. That’s when I drank my first real sip of the yoga Kool-Aid, which was delicious! In the days and years afterward, I couldn’t stop talking about yoga and how good it made me feel. I was excited to explore how my body, mind and breath healed the back, relieved the stress and eased the runaway thoughts. In other words, yoga anchored all of me. Yoga asked me to show up in the world with a wide-open heart and a mind free to choose positive thoughts. In time, yoga significantly improved my flexibility and provided effective tools to recover from long-standing back pain and to manage everyday stress.

Ten years later, the magic of meeting myself on the mat did not waiver. Whenever I went out of town, I looked for a yoga class. I practiced yoga on beaches, in gyms and studios. Some teachers had a lot to say while others let the presence of silence serve as the vehicle for growth.

Upon graduating from Yoga Teacher Training, I started to teach a small group of friends in the backyard of the house and took online yoga classes to keep up with my practice. The inner voice spoke again and advised me to pursue the 300-hour certification. While the pandemic limited my options, I found a renowned online teacher who offered the training at my own pace and in my COVID-free home.

Fast forward to the end of 2020…the winter was fast approaching and it was time to consider the next steps for teaching, coaching and offering spiritual experiences. A space for rent became available to create the ideal setting for a new yoga and spiritual community centered on Peace, Love, and Joy. Turning Point Yoga & Wellness represents a sacred space dedicated to helping people find answers, recover from stress, and focus on what matters most. We offer high-level yoga and meditation classes, intuitive readings, and emotional and individual wellness coaching. It has been incredible to witness the ways that students and clients transform trauma, pain, and worn-out emotional stories into growth and new states of being.


All Levels and Slow Flow Yoga

Students coordinate movement with breath to flow from one pose to the next. Classes are appropriate for beginners and advanced students.

While you’re in the final resting post, Savasana, we play crystal sound bowls and other instruments to deepen your relaxation and open your heart.

What to expect in all-level yoga? Teachers instruct with the mindset that students are here to practice honestly with respect for their ever-changing bodies. Students can receive a level of instruction appropriate to their physical needs.

Slow-flow classes guide students through a practice focusing on being present, tuning into the flow, and deepening the breath. By holding longer poses, slow-flow yoga shifts the mind and heart into balance and creates a state of peace and calm. After a slow-flow class, it is not uncommon to experience relaxation and a restful night’s sleep!

Our studio is excited to welcome SilverSneakers to practice yoga! SilverSneakers is a fitness and wellness program for older adults enrolled in a qualifying Medicare Advantage or Medigap plan. Check with your insurance company to find out if you are eligible for SilverSneakers program membership at no additional cost.

Turning Point Yoga

Intuitive Yoga

Do you know why you “feel” better after a yoga class? Yoga is more than a physical practice; it is a spiritual experience. As you grow with yoga, you’ll notice how much you crave a calm mind, healthy body, and open heart.

You’ll also become aware of what you’re like when you haven’t been to a class in a few days, cranky, out of sorts, and feeling that something is missing from your life!

Personal breakthroughs are a common side effect of yoga. Do you feel stuck or alone? Are you afraid of making the wrong choice with a relationship or job?

Led by breath and heart, Intuitive Yoga opens the body, releases stories, and illuminates fresh perspectives for inner growth. This powerful one-on-one session is customized according to the student’s needs.

Private Yoga

Taking general yoga classes at a studio is only one way of enjoying the benefits of yoga. When applied to your specific needs, yoga becomes a more profound experience.

Do you struggle with shoulder, back, or knee pain? Are you working through a stressful time?

Centered on you and your schedule, private yoga classes allow beginners and advanced students to work on poses and stretches to ease into the body with proper alignment and personalized adjustments/modifications in safe ways.


What does All-Levels-Yoga mean?

Yoga classes begin with centering and a short meditation. The asanas (poses) awaken the body and focus the mind. Classes typically end with deep relaxation, called Savasana or Resting Pose.

Classes may consist of playing music, chanting, or sharing an inspiring passage or poem to light up the heart. All levels can attend this class, and even the experienced student can find challenges by going deeper into the principles of the poses.

At this level, all the asanas are explained in detail, adjustments are made, and the focus is on working with technique, basic poses, strength, and flexibility.

What is Vinyasa?

Physical movement, strength-building poses, and rhythmic breathing are woven with an invigorating flow to open the body, mind, and heart. Flow classes introduce planks, twists, backbends, arm balances, and inversions at a slow to moderate pace.

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