You: Version 3.0

In every moment, we are looking at a version of ourselves that didn’t exist a minute ago, a year ago, a lifetime ago.

Yes, I do believe our “selves” exist in a constant state of change. This concept is a tricky one to grasp because you believe and perceive the opposite. You may think that your behavior is the same if you look at your life patterns and choices.

For example, when you run into people you haven’t seen in years, do you really want them to stay as they were? Or do you hope that time and life experiences helped them grow and become a greater person? 

What if you met someone at a time when they were in a hard place like a major loss or an addiction? Can you look at that person as healthy and whole today? Or are you looking at them as helpless and lost?

At different times in our lives, we may only show the broken, separated and small pieces of ourselves. We may be afraid of showing up as whole and complete. We may hide our whole selves as a measure of shielding specifics parts. After all, who wants to feel exposed or weak or open to attack?

Friends, if only parts of us show up in the world, then others can only see these parts. It limits you and prohibits them from fully being in a relationship with you. They only see the fragmented person standing before them. 

Think about it: If only half of you is at the table, only half of you is engaged and present. This choppy version of yourself offers no strength or genuine connection with our inner self. Our words come from a shallow place. Our behaviors seem fake, unfulfilling and automated. Our relationships seem empty and unrewarding. Your task: Get yourself together – all together, that is. Here’s how:

Look in the mirror.

Set the timer for one minute. Look at yourself in the mirror. Scan your body from head to toe. Take your time. Let your head and emotions travel all over the place as it immediately pokes at areas you don’t like or are in need of attention. When the timer goes off, close your eyes, shake your body and push out your crazy thoughts for 10 seconds. 


Set the timer for one minute. Open your eyes and look again in the mirror. Smile and enjoy your whole self standing before you. Say and repeat this affirmation: “I am whole. I am complete.” If unkind thoughts and judgment derail you, return to the affirmation. After a few rounds of this practice, you will find yourself more comfortable and your attitude much softer towards yourself.

Change your lens.

In times of disconnect, doubt and confusion, sprout seeds of new adventures. Brokenness keeps us blind, closed and depleted. Wholeness allows us to see new ways of growing and becoming more of ourselves. Try something new – a different thought, a change of scenery or even a weekend getaway. When something or someone new enters into our lives, we have the chance to be something bigger and greater. Our brains thrive on new stimulation. We shift back into our personal power and creative juices flow. Infiltrate your brain with new energy and witness the shift in how your world starts to appear.  LEARN MORE ABOUT COACHING WITH RITA

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